Milo's Story

Update 10/23/07: I've started to make the avi files into actual movies! I didn't realize it was so easy! These movies are smaller and in the windows media format, so you *should* be able to play these videos with windows media player that comes on any machine!

Old info: Here are some videos taken of Milo! Although .avi is a very common video format, a lot of computers are not natively equipped to view these. However, if you download and install a few simple programs, you should be able to view everything just fine.

The first thing to download is the avi "codec." This set of rules tells your computer how to interpret the avi format. It also comes with sets of instructions on how to play several different types of formats, should you ever encounter those in the future. Unfortunately, this is only a solution that can be used for PCs.

Link: K-Lite Standard Edition hosted at

Upon clicking this, you will be taken to a new window that should start the download. If the download does not start, there should be a link to click to start it. I wouldn't be sending you to a bad site, so don't worry about virii or any malicious spyware. After downloading it (I recommend downloading it to the desktop), double click to install it, answer a few questions on where to put it, and you should be updated to view .avi files. Then, simply click on any of the below links to view a movie! If you have further questions, or it still doesn't work, contact me at zgodsil at

Milo061507.wmv - Milo Makes his First Sounds and Opens his Eyes!
Milo061607.wmv - Mommy Spends some Time with Milo
Milo061707.wmv - Mommy Feeds Milo for the First Time!
Milo061807.wmv - Milo is Home and is Tired!
Milo061907.wmv - Grandparents Play with Milo
Milo062007-1.wmv - Milo Rolls from Side to Side at 5 Days!!
Milo062007-2.wmv - Milo's First Bath
Milo062707.wmv - A Friend Feeds Milo
Milo081107.wmv - Milo Dances with Grandma
Milo082507.wmv - Milo in his Swing
Milo090407.wmv - Milo Babbles a Bit
Milo090707.wmv - Milo Lifts his Head up!
Milo090807.wmv - Hide the Baby
Milo093007.wmv - Milo Tries to Roll Over
Milo100407.wmv - Milo Grabs his Knee
Milo102007.wmv - Cousins
Milo102107-movie1.wmv HILARIOUS movie of milo being tickled