Milo's Birth

*INCREDIBLY* basic info for right now... I'll make an actual webpage here when I get more time, I just wanted to put some things up so that friends and family could see. I also don't have time to post any captions... but keep coming back because I will! Much much more will be added later!

Basic details:
Went into labor at 3:30AM 06/15/07. Delivered at 10:04AM. 7lbs 9oz, and 21 inches long. Mom and baby are fine, but Milo is currently in the special care unit, because he is having a little trouble starting out, due to his cord being around his neck.

Mom had a really tough time getting him out... especially w/her heartburn causing her to throw up and choke w/about every push. On top of that, he had fluid in his lungs and was being strangled by his cord. We couldn't hear him cry when he came out, and they had to take him to special care

We think he's ok now though. He's in special care, but everyone who's looked at him says he'll be fine, including the optitrician who looked at his eye.

It was extra tough for mom because on top of all the trauma she experienced (I think level 4 "down there" or something?), because Milo was in special care, she couldn't go see him or hold him. They wanted her to be well enough that she could, and it was four hours after he was born before she could go see him. She's seen him twice now though, I think and is very very happy w/her new little boy. I've been to see him about.... 6? or so times myself. He looks good... his head is forming up, and he looks very healthy!

Pictures From the Day of Birth